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Here is a collection of some of the things that people say about our school.

Whist there might be some tick boxes that the inspectors were unable to tick, I would like to share my own, highly positive, thoughts about Cheriton Primary School.

The factor I most value about the school, is its culture of kindness. Being a small school with less than 100 pupils, there is an atmosphere amongst the children akin to a big family. Each class (bar Reception) has two year groups in, so children are always sharing a class with older or younger children. This results in beautiful friendships across the year groups. I love hearing my 10-year-old daughter recount the conversations she’s had at break times with the 4-year-old girls; and likewise hearing how my 6-year-old son was taught break dancing moves by his 9-year-old friend. 

But it isn’t just learning about kindness that my children benefit from. They are all curious children who enjoy learning, and they have ample opportunity for this curiosity to be nurtured and grown. I don’t think there are many Year 4 classrooms you can walk in to, and find 9 year olds engrossed in biblical sized tomes of Lord of the Rings.

On our journey home from school, I am regularly bombarded with snippets from the day’s learning. Last week it was facts about the River Nile’s irrigation system; scalene and isosceles triangles; how Howard Carter must have felt when Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered. And if it’s been a day at Forest School, I hear how the River Nile was reconstructed in the woods, along with homemade catapult defences.

If I was to wax lyrical about the school, I could mention too the spoiling array of extra-curricular activities. My children are learning the piano and drums to a high level; they are becoming extremely helpful at home sharing their recipes from cookery club; they play netball and tennis. And that’s not to mention the clubs they haven’t yet tried – such as judo, dance or choir.

 One of the most valuable aspects of the school is the team of staff. Andrew Goldsworthy is a very present headmaster, whom the children all feel very secure and relaxed with. He knows every child and takes an interest in each one. Likewise, the class teachers are always available for parents and pupils to talk to. If ever my children have had any problems, their class teachers have responded immediately to resolve it. Unsurprisingly, this allows my children to feel safe, knowing that they are listened to and cared for.

A message received from a parent following the publication of our OFSTED report.

 "So glad they recognised the kindness and nurturing. We are certainly indebted to that environment."