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Headteacher vacancy for January 2025 live. See "Staff Vacancies" to follow the link.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Cheriton Primary School website. We hope that this site will provide you with a flavour of life in our school as well as being a source of helpful information.

The village of Cheriton is known as the source of the River Itchen which then flows across Hampshire, via the city of Winchester and onwards, through Southampton, to the sea.

 At Cheriton Primary School we seek to be the source of learning opportunities which will help to set our children on a course for a fulfilling and rewarding future and to be the best that they can be.

We provide an environment and culture, based on kindness and respect, where children feel safe and valued; where they can take risks, develop a positive mind-set and where they grow in self-confidence.

At Cheriton Primary we are growing life-long lovers of learning who are resilient, resourceful, reflective and who form productive relationships to support their learning. We recognise the importance of children understanding their social responsibility and the need for equality, equity and tolerance within the many communities in which they live. We provide our children with the knowledge ad understanding they will need in order to live in a sustainable way,  and be net contributors to society.

Our curriculum is designed to be relevant, challenging and engaging and aims to cultivate the key skills of communication, mathematics, enquiry and creativity. It also seeks to develop the children’s spirituality through the consideration of their relationship with themselves, others, the world and the intangible.