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Supporting Your Child's Learning


The main focus of homework is on literacy and numeracy. Other subjects are sometimes added to the programme as children move up the school as and when the class teacher feels it is appropriate. Shared reading remains an important part of homework for all children in the school; parents are encouraged to sign the reading log as often as possible. Homework is carefully planned and structured to support the pupils' learning.

The type and amount of homework set by teachers varies depending on the age and ability of the pupil. At the beginning of each academic year, parents and children will be informed which day of the week regular tasks, such as spellings or tables, will be set and when they need to be completed.

Classes 2, 3 and 4 will set homework tasks on a regular basis.

Where possible it will be set and expected in according to this timetable:

Class Day given out Day due in
2 Friday Tuesday
3 Friday Wednesday
4 Thursday Monday

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Provide a peaceful suitable place for pupils to do their work.
  • Work with younger children whilst older children may work alone.
  • Talk about the work their children are doing at school and celebrate their successes.
  • Support and encourage their children by involving themselves in the task set.

Parents will be given the opportunity to feed back on their children’s response to homework at termly parents’ evenings. They are also welcome to discuss homework tasks where, for instance, they are unsure of what is required, before or after school with class teachers. Parents are also welcome to comment in writing on children’s homework.