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Collective Worship (Assemblies)

The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that ‘all pupils in attendance at a maintained school shall on each day take part in an act of Collective Worship’. This act of Collective worship must be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character which means that it reflects the broad traditions of Christian belief’.

At Cheriton Primary we believe that Collective Worship should provide children (apart from those withdrawn by their parents) with the opportunity to be part of a daily experience which is special and separate from other daily activities.

We believe that Collective Worship has the potential to unite the whole membership of the school and therefore to develop a sense of community.

Collective worship is part of Cheriton Primary's contribution to promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every child.


Our daily acts of collective worship aim to help children to develop: 

  • a sense of caring and sharing
  • positive attitudes
  • a sense of community 
  • enthusiasm for their school, fellow pupils and the wider world
  • the ability to reflect, consider and celebrate
  • provide opportunities for children to worship God 
  • enable children to explore their own beliefs and to consider spiritual and moral issues.


In our acts of collective worship we endeavour to:-

  • promote a common ethos and shared values
  • encourage children to see this as a thoughtful time, when the whole school comes together as a community
  • encourage participation
  • provide opportunities, over time, for every child to share their own thoughts, beliefs, ideas and accomplishments 
  • introduce children to a range of multicultural and religious artefacts,  celebrations and beliefs
  • ensure that they reflect the broad traditions of Christian belief
  • include opportunities for praise, prayer and/or quiet reflection
  • include a range of music for listening and singing as part of our worship

Themes for assemblies are planned each term in advance and set on a weekly basis.