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Autumn term 1


         Welcome to our class! With all the uncertainty during the last term, we are very happy to welcome a new group of 15 children to our school for the start of their learning journey. During this first half term, the children have time to settle in their new classroom, becoming familiar with their new environment, friends and adults. This year, because of the new rules and regulations, the children will stay in the Squirrel Bubble, that is, we have our assigned space, which is the classroom and its ample outside area, but we will still continue to have access to walks and our beloved Forest School with Bee. We will enjoy lots of stories, great amounts of counting and sorting,  plenty of "Explore to learn" time and loads of fresh air during our listening walks and sessions at the forest. This half term is "all about me".  


         Keep an eye on this page for news and updates and some pictures of what our class has been up to.

       Best wishes
       The Squirrel Class Team

Autumn 1 overview









Summer Term 2


                    We were very fortunate to be able to have Squirrel Class back to school for the final half term. Little by little more and more children joined in (sadly not all could come back) and we had a fantastic time, despite all the new rules and routines.  It meant Squirrel class had to spend all day within our class environment, not being allowed to mix with the other bubbles, but it also gave us freedom to have a very fluid routine that adjusted very well to the children-led learning that we follow. Explore to learn time became longer, and we saw plenty of spontaneous learning and creativity emerging. There was lots of story writing and performing, plenty of role play,, i.e. a map in a story book led to them drawing maps, then finding the empty sand pit and turning it into a pirate ship, homemade hats and eyepatches, planning for long journeys, and much more. Squirrels still enjoyed a few more days at the Forest School, we collected the berries in the school garden and turned them into jam, delicious summer berries jam! And we ended the year with a Teddy Bear Picnic, each child invited their special teddy, brought them to school, did a "show and tell" about them, drew a portrait, and even wrote them a little poem. We had a wonderful picnic by the river too.

                      Every cloud has a silver lining, and Squirrels 2019-20 had a wonderful end of the year when they felt happy, confident and ready for Year 1.

                      Summer Term 1


                    How things have changed in the last few weeks! We were having a wonderful Spring term 2 with lots of spontaneous writing, retelling of stories, puppet shows, observations of nature in the forest and of our own tadpole pond, small world creations, and the like, when it all came to a sudden stop. Everyone was sent home after a lovely free-dress last day of school, and our routines completely changed. Distant and home learning started.

                   This summer term, we have started in the same way, i.e. with most children staying at home and continuing their learning in a different, but also, enriching environment. We are all missing the lively environment of a busy classroom, and missing every one of them hugely. Fortunately, we are able to use our online tool to see how their learning continues in varied ways at home. We have already had a great array of observations from many parents of the different things their children are doing at home, such as physical activities, nature observations, cooking, counting, junk modelling, painting, writing, reading, lego constructions, bike rides… and we expect to have many more in the next few weeks.

                     This term, we will guide the children and their families to focus on “growth and change” all around us. We will publish ideas for stories and activities weekly on our online tool: Tapestry. We encourage parents to follow the ideas that suit their family setting best, and to follow as well their child initiative to promote meaningful learning.  We hugely appreciate their observations and feedback, and in the meantime, we hope that all the Squirrel class children and their families stay safe and are able to make the most of the little everyday things and of this time spent together.

Spring Term 1 - overview

Spring Term 2


        What a lovely way to return to school after half term than to celebrate Shrove Tuesday with cooking pancakes and pancake races!


        The children are all seem to be ready to use their newly acquired writing skills to write recipes, stories, observations and plenty of cards and notes within their games.  The children are grasping the concepts of diagraphs and trigraphs as we continue with Phase 3 phonics. We continue to explore small and big numbers through games and lots of counting. They have become familiar with 2D shapes in their surroundings, and are exploring 3D shapes this term. Cooking cakes is one of their favourite activities, reading a simple recipe and weighing the ingredients against an egg. Sharing the cakes when Mrs Turner brings them in hot from the oven is always a very special time for all.


            The children loved acting stories during the last few weeks and, this term, we will continue to focus on storytelling through Traditional Tales, whilst preparing the songs for the Spring Play, in which Squirrel Class provides the percussion and singing accompaniment.


        At forest school, the children have become very self-sufficient, and very confident climbing the trees and creating their own dens, working in teams or independently. Forest school and walks around the village will provide a great opportunity to notice how things are growing and changing all around us.

Spring Term 2 - Overview

Spring Term 1


              Happy New Year from the Squirrel Class!


         The first term was very enjoyable for everyone. The children have formed a lovely group and gestures of kindness and friendship abound amongst them all. Through music, games, and practice, the children have become confident with the Phase 2 of our phonics programme, and are ready to learn the Phase 3 sounds. Language related to addition and subtraction is becoming embedded in their play.  Not only that, they have also grown in confidence through activities such as their performance in the Nativity play, their role play and story telling, and their trip to the Pantomime in Winchester, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Profiting from the cold weather in December, the children explored the changes in water through transient art creations of ice sculptures.

          This term, especially through Julia Donaldson's books, we are enjoying story telling, through puppet shows, acting, story mapping and lots of drawing to retell the story or describe the characters. We have reorganised the classroom to create a larger reading area, and a very cosy home corner. The junk modelling corner is always a hit.

Spring Term 1- overview

Autumn Term 2


         We have had a wonderful first half term. The children have settled into the new routines, friends and environment, and they have even become very efficient at getting in and out of their Forest School red suits! We have now started our phonics journey, which means that this term we will cover all the single sounds in Phase 2, learning the songs as we go all along. Over the last few weeks we have been counting everything in the surroundings, marbles, conkers, leaves, trees, cars, jumps, claps, and the like, becoming familiar with numbers and numicon shaper. This term will look into each number more in depth.

         In addition, we will be finding out  all about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas discovering how different people celebrate in different ways. 

Overview for the Autumn Term 2

Autumn term 1


         Welcome to our class! We are welcoming a group of 15 children to our school, who are about to start their learning journey. During the first half term, the children have time to settle in their new classroom, becoming familiar with their new environment, friends and adults. We will enjoy plenty of songs, lots of stories, great amounts of counting and sorting, and loads of fresh air during our listening walks and sessions at the forest school. This half term is "all about me".  


         Keep an eye on this page for news and updates and some pictures of what our class has been up to.

       Best wishes
       The Squirrel Class Team

Overview for the Autumn Term 1
A short video tour of the school is available to be viewed on the About Us page of this site.