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School Clubs

We aim to make a wide range of additional opportunities available to our children. There are a number of clubs which run either before or after school as well as some which run during the school's lunch break. The timetable below shows what is available through the week including sports clubs and music tuition. The majority of these are run by private individuals or companies who charge a fee for children to attend.

 In addition to those listed below, there are a range of clubs organised by the children themselves that take place during the lunchtime break.

If you would like further information about any of the opportunities listed, please contact the school office.


Recorders (Lunchtime)


Piano (pm)


Dance Club (After School)





Singing Club (8.30)

Woodwind (am)
Knitting Club (lunchtime)


Violin/Piano (Lunchtime/pm)

Gardening Club (Lunchtime)


Netball  (After School)


Tennis (After School)





Drums (am)  

Violin/Piano (pm)


French (Lunchtime)

Football Club (After School)



Orchestra (8.30)


French (Lunchtime)

Violin/Piano (pm)


Guitar (Lunchtime)

Judo (After School)







Coding Club (Before school-8.00)


Squash (Before School - 8.00am)


Tag Rugby (After school)



A short video tour of the school is available to be viewed on the About Us page of this site.