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The curriculum is broadly described as the planned learning experiences that the school provides its pupils.


At Cheriton Primary we strive to offer a curriculum which supports the vision and ethos of the school.  

The National Curriculum requirements help to ensure that we deliver subject knowledge and skills at an appropriate level. These statutory requirements for each subject can be viewed below.


When planning the delivery of the curriculum we use a range of creative approaches to enhance the learning.


2 year planning map for all year groups

For each National Curriculum subject we have written an Intent Statement which clearly sets out what knowledge and skills and attitudes all children, by the end of year 6, will have learnt in each subject. We have then identified for each subject, the key elements which will be taught during their journey through the school. We aim to deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum in its entirety  but these key elements provide a focus for their learning. Known as the Golden Threads, these elements will taught in depth to allow deep learning to occur which builds on prior learning and will support future learning in the subject.

We want our curriculum to have real depth and relevance for the learners.

We do not want a planned curriculum which is a mile (1.6 km) wide in its breadth but which is only an inch (2.54cm) deep.

Religious Education. We follow the Hampshire Syllabus called Living Difference.

Find information about our curriculum please look on our class pages.

If you are looking for a place for a child starting school in September 2023, we currently have spaces available. Please contact the school office for further details.