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Cheriton Primary School

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Cheriton Primary School

Who's Who

Staff Member Role
Mrs Sally Cradduck Administrative Officer
Mrs Elaine Wright Senior Administrative Assistant


Staff Member Role
 Mr Andrew Goldsworthy Headteacher
Miss Alison Daffey

Deputy Headteacher

Teacher of Owl Class (Years 5 & 6)

Mrs Shan Dimmer

Teacher of Fox Class (Years 3 & 4)


Ms Helen Caldwell Teacher of Robin Class (Years 1 & 2)
Mrs Rebecca Haskins

EYFS Leader

Teacher of Squirrel Class (Reception Year)

Mrs Lola Knowles

Teacher of Squirrel Class (Reception Year)

Mrs Anne Newson Cover teacher throughout school


Staff Member


Mrs Dorothy France Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Debbie Johnson Learning Support Assistant
Miss Emily Gerrard Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sara Peters Learning Support Assistant
Miss Emma Day Learning Support Assistant


Staff Member Role
Mrs Lesley Turner Cook Supervisor
Mrs Karen Young Assistant Cook
Mrs Maureen Cook Catering Assistant
Mrs Clare Cholerton Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Rita Williams Lunchtime Assistant


Please do not add photographs to social media unless it is of your own child or you have permission from parents to do so (if other children are in the photograph).